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Fair trade means that all organisations and companies involved in the Fairtrade chain must comply with international Fairtrade standards. You can cancel the direct debit authorisation at any time by returning the MensaCard to a cashier; the remaining funds will be transferred to your bank account. We get organic dairy and meat products directly from the Dahme-Spreewald area and from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Where can I get my MensaCard?At every cash desk in the canteens of the studierendenWERK BERLIN you will receive your MensaCard for a deposit of 1.55 Euro. No backlog of stock arises and thus no goods are spoiled as a result of being retained for too long. It is a Braun Antaris-type small wind turbine with a maximum generation capacity of 4.5kWp. Care is taken to give preference to regional food. Of course, our canteens aren’t just places for eating and drinking – people come here to meet up between classes and converse with other students. The aim of the Coffee ToStay campaign is to significantly reduce consumption of disposable coffee cups. Smooth surface design make the liquor flask do not hurt your hand in accident. This makes it easier for both you and us to avoid rummaging around for coins or exact change, shortens the lines at the cashiers and enables you to get on with enjoying your meal quicker. However, this does not denote an evaluation of their environmental footprint. The Fairtrade sign signifies a fixed minimum price and a fair-trade bonus which farmer cooperatives receive for their products by working with Fairtrade. The subsidised price for students only applies to enrolled students at Berlin universities, for which the studierendenWERK BERLIN is responsible. For years, studierendenWERK BERLIN has successfully worked against the takeaway trend: In 2015, it was 64 percent, but meanwhile only one out of ten hot drink is sold in a paper cup. We also ensure that our offers contain all vital vitamins and minerals and that these are preserved throughout the preparation process. The largest portion of our food is subject to just-in-time production. In the Veggie N°1 canteen, only organic cleaning products are used. Since 2010, many studierendenWERK BERLIN coffee bars have only been selling coffee that has been prepared with quality organic fair-trade coffee beans. The working and living conditions of small-scale farming families in the producing countries are sustainably improved. The system is easy to apply. Each dish is marked with a stoplight colour. The available dosing techniques are constantly checked to ensure the lowest possible consumption of resources. You will immediately receive the remaining credit and card deposit – if it is a deposit card. The MensaCard does not store either personal information or a profile of use.

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This is something which we are legally obliged to do. The additives are marked in the studierendenWERK BERLIN. This list only contains the Berlin universities of which students are supported by the studierendenWERK BERLIN according to a statutory mandate or per agreement between the university management and the studierendenWERK BERLIN.This list does not apply to BAföG. Approximately 40,000 kg of coffee grounds are collected each year at studierendenWERK BERLIN. In most canteens you can put together your own meals and choose from the various components. This is another step towards protecting both the environment and health. Windmill The windmill at studierendenWERK BERLIN is located on the roof of the Mensa TU Hardenbergstraße and can be seen from the campus courtyard. The large refrigerators have an alarm system. This saves us the cost of buying replacements and saves our employees’ time. The to-go trend has also in recent years become a fixed part of the canteens and coffee bars of studierendenWERK BERLIN. WERK BERLIN’s student canteens have plenty of variety to offer you! Between their introduction in April 2011 and September 2016, 2.3 million climate-friendly meals were sold, with ever greater frequency. You can set a lower limit on your MensaCard, meaning that when the amount of money on the card falls below this value, the cashier will ask you if you want to reload the card. Mensa TU, Mensa HU Nord, Mensa FU II, Mensa Beuth HS, Mensa HTW Treskowallee, Mensa HTW Wilhelminenhof and the student accommodations and administrative building on Hardenbergstrasse have been successfully certified by EMAS, the environmental management system of the European Union. Each to-go cardboard cup also costs 40 cents in addition to the regular price of the drink since March 2018. Der Verkäufer schließt auch einen Versicherungsvertrag gegen die vom Käufer getragene Gefahr des Verlustes oder der Beschädigung der Ware während des Transports ab. When selecting our products, we pay great attention on high quality produce and careful preparation. This involves signing a written contract (“Participation in direct debiting procedure” or “Direct debit authorisation”) between yourself and studierendenWERK BERLIN.

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To avoid abuse of the system, only one automatic reload may take place per day. If you are interested, you can pick up this valuable coffee-ground fertiliser during the regular opening hours of the canteen. Please make the effort to return plates, dishes and glasses and so forth! We thank you for your understanding. In the canteens and coffee bars, the studierendenWERK BERLIN offers guests a varied and diverse range of products daily at the different university sites in Berlin! That’s why it’s so important to note the number when you receive the card and keep it in a safe place. The heat energy it generates is also fed into the Mensa TU network via a buffer store for the generation of hot water. A central purchasing department is responsible for choosing and liaising with the suppliers of our foodstuffs. Our climate-friendly vegan food is indicated on the menu with a small climate tree. Cooked foods which remain in the kitchen area and have not been completely sold are offered as additional options on the next day or otherwise reused. Furthermore, no frozen products, dry products or preserves are used. Within the fair trade system, seroquel bei depression Fairtrade International is responsible for the development of fair-trade standards and for supporting producer groups. Your bank account will then be charged in the amount. Children’s meals: We provide free canteeen meals for students’ children aged six and under. These are inspected locally by the certification organisation FLO-CERT. In the event of an event like cold store failure, the canteen management can react immediately with an emergency repair or by switching the goods to other available cooling facilities.

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At studierendenWERK, customers who use their own cup or the CampusCup for their hot drinks have been receiving a discount of 20 cents on their drinks since April 2017. To use the Autoload process, you first need to register at one of the canteen cashiers. If your MensaCard does not work, you can contact the cashiers in the major canteens at any time. Our climate-friendly meals never use products which lead to a high ecological footprint during cultivation and production. The stainless steel flasks are virtually unbreakable and are constructed with no seams, ensuring a long-lasting, leak-proof performance. Dimplex Solar Thermal System This has a maximum output of 30.64 W/m² K. For instance, we do not use rice, pre-cooked mashed potato, french fries or pre-cooked products such as broccoli corners or sesame slices. If you lose your MensaCard, we can block your card and give you the remaining value in cash if you tell us the card number. Fertilising with coffee grounds brings with it other advantages for the garden. WERK BERLIN has had EMAS certification since 2015 and is committed to the sustainable use of resources. The other addiitives are marked in the studierendenWERK BERLIN. Since the guest structure in the canteens is relatively constant, the canteen managers can fairly accurately estimate the quantities on the basis of their experiences and the way the menu has been put together.

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Karunya University Founder
KEMT 2017

Life @Karunya

With students hailing from nearly 22 states of our motherland, and the international students and interns from different parts of the world, Karunya campus is culturally rich and diverse. When people with such varied thinking come together, the potential for innovation is high.

Karunya provides a platform for the students to come together, to learn and grow in academics, stature and personality. From working on projects together to dining together, students in our fully-residential University live as one big family.

Students Placement

Karunya has a creditable record of placement of its final year students and graduates. A good number of final year students plan to go for higher studies in India or abroad or turn entrepreneurs.

As per recent trends about 80% of eligible final year students, who seek a placement, are placed with reputed organizations at the initiative of the Karunya University prior to their leaving the campus.



The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a non-profit, non-political student run organization. We provide students in technical degrees with paid foreign internships from some of the top institutes and organizations and employers with technically skilled students.

Known as a Centre for Higher Learning and a Source of Excellence in Technical Education, Karunya University holds the privilege of being the pivotal point of contact for the aspiring students of India and prospective trainees from abroad.


News & Events

Karunya University is a fully residential christian private university with social concern to raise engineers and leaders with academic excellence, professional competence, exemplary values and spiritual empowerment.

June 02
KEMT 2016
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May 28
IEEE Confrence
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May 14
Intercollege Competition - Day 3
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May 13
Intercollege Competition - Day 2
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May 12
Intercollege Competition - Day 1
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May 05
Annual Sports Meet Inauguration
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April 22
Annual Sports Meet
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April 15
Live Recording
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April 15
Christmas Day Celebration
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Hall of Fame  Alumni

Life is filled with lot of journeys.... sometimes we forget our journeys which were very boring ..... but till the end of our life we carry some memorable journeys or events... my best journey in my life started from Karunya...

Zechariah Abel Test Analyst in CSS Corp

I can confidently say that the four years I spent in Karunyaturned my life for the better. It is in KarunyaI developed leadership skills. When I joined Karunya, I was not a good speaker.

Joshua Madan CEO-Covenant Group

Karunya gave me opportunities to harness and develop the Leadership potential within me.It was in Karunya that my talents were further molded, sharpened, harnessed and

Sam Rufus Nallaraj CEO , GluePlus Innotech India Pvt. Ltd.

Karunya has friendly, approachable professors who helped me learn every day and grow as a professional.

Daniel Jacob General Manger-HR, EC Group