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Schools @Karunya

Karunya University Founder
KEMT 2017

Life @Karunya

With students hailing from nearly 22 states of our motherland, and the international students and interns from different parts of the world, Karunya campus is culturally rich and diverse. When people with such varied thinking come together, the potential for innovation is high.

Karunya provides a platform for the students to come together, to learn and grow in academics, stature and personality. From working on projects together to dining together, students in our fully-residential University live as one big family.

Students Placement

Karunya has a creditable record of placement of its final year students and graduates. A good number of final year students plan to go for higher studies in India or abroad or turn entrepreneurs.

As per recent trends about 80% of eligible final year students, who seek a placement, are placed with reputed organizations at the initiative of the Karunya University prior to their leaving the campus.



The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is a non-profit, non-political student run organization. We provide students in technical degrees with paid foreign internships from some of the top institutes and organizations and employers with technically skilled students.

Known as a Centre for Higher Learning and a Source of Excellence in Technical Education, Karunya University holds the privilege of being the pivotal point of contact for the aspiring students of India and prospective trainees from abroad.


News & Events

Karunya University is a fully residential christian private university with social concern to raise engineers and leaders with academic excellence, professional competence, exemplary values and spiritual empowerment.

June 02
KEMT 2016
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May 28
IEEE Confrence
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May 14
Intercollege Competition - Day 3
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May 13
Intercollege Competition - Day 2
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May 12
Intercollege Competition - Day 1
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May 05
Annual Sports Meet Inauguration
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April 22
Annual Sports Meet
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April 15
Live Recording
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April 15
Christmas Day Celebration
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Hall of Fame  Alumni

Life is filled with lot of journeys.... sometimes we forget our journeys which were very boring ..... but till the end of our life we carry some memorable journeys or events... my best journey in my life started from Karunya...

Zechariah Abel Test Analyst in CSS Corp

I can confidently say that the four years I spent in Karunyaturned my life for the better. It is in KarunyaI developed leadership skills. When I joined Karunya, I was not a good speaker.

Joshua Madan CEO-Covenant Group

Karunya gave me opportunities to harness and develop the Leadership potential within me.It was in Karunya that my talents were further molded, sharpened, harnessed and

Sam Rufus Nallaraj CEO , GluePlus Innotech India Pvt. Ltd.

Karunya has friendly, approachable professors who helped me learn every day and grow as a professional.

Daniel Jacob General Manger-HR, EC Group